Saturday, January 12, 2013

let's go get lost in the rain

On this misty, dreary day, I'm getting nostalgic.

Nearly three years ago Jon and I honeymooned in Italy. This was right around the time that unpronounceable Icelandic volcano errupted, and although our flights weren't canceled, the weather was cold and rainy for the entire trip.

But you know what? Some of my favorite memories were made in the rain. And at some places, it just seemed right. Maybe, like Owen Wilson's character says in Midnight in Paris, some places are particularly beautiful in the rain.

I can't imagine visiting the Tivoli gardens in sunshine. On that muddy May day we dodged puddles and danced between the raindrops--and enjoyed some quiet time since the weather cleared out many of the other tourists. The rain made Tivoli special, just for us.

There were still a million tourists at the ruins in Rome, though.

And then, of course, the rain followed us to Florence, and then to Venice. Rain or shine, you just can't diminish the beauty of Italy.

We managed to get a few lucky breaks, though.

Especially in San Gimignano.

But the rainy weather seemed fitting in the city of water. Yes, this is a gondolier on his iPhone. When he wasn't talking on it, he was texting.

Even if it meant this little European kid couldn't fly his kite.

What other places are better in the rain? Paris? The English countryside? You tell me. 

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